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Saving space and time, the S Series screenless feature eliminates the need to replace worn out screens. The compact footprint allows compatibility with existing equipment and reduces space necessary for most regrind applications and the quick-inspect hopper view window.  Swivel casters allows for quick positioning in small areas.

The S Series opens wide, exposing grinding chamber and blades and is designed for easy efficient clean out for material or color change. Interlocking front doors with tool-free access allows quick and easy clean out and maintenance, significantly reducing maintenance costs. Energy costs are also lowered with the S Series because of low cutting speeds.

S Series Screenless Granulator by Cumberland is known for its high quality regrind in sprue and runner reclaim applications. The S Series Granulator reduces waste by providing clean regrind to reuse in your process. This compact footprint granulator will easily fit into your process flow.

Cumberland’s S Series Screenless Granulators eliminate longs and minimizes dust and fines to provide consistent performance wherever clean regrind is needed


  • Cutting Chamber Size: 10.0” x 10.5” (254 x 268 mm) up to 16” x 16” (407 x 407mm)
  • Throughput Range: 30 lbs/hr (14kg/hr) up to 50 lbs/hr (23kg/hr)
  • Quick and easy access, no tools needed
  • Vacuum bin with 1” or 2” diameter take-off
  • Electrical and mechanical safety interlock


  • High level indicator
  • Compressed air venturi evacuation system

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