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Used Davis Standard 46″ wide sheet line last used on PP sheet at a rate of 1,800 Lbs. per hour consisting of the following pieces:

One (1) Davis Standard model 6IN60TPIN 6″ 30:1 L/D extruder having a six zone electrically heated water cooled (closed loop) vented and plugged barrel with a 47″ centerline height. Gearbox has a 11.3:1 reduction ratio and is direct driven by a 500HP Reliance DC motor with a 550 kVa isolation transformer allowing for a maximum screw speed of 154 RPM. Gearbox has a rating of 700HP at a service factor of 1.5. Feed throat has a 12″ x 8″ entrance. Extruder screw is a barrier type. Control panel with six (6) Eurotherm 2208 temperature controllers for the extruder barrel zones plus Nine (9) more discrete controllers for the die and downstream zones. S/N X7505. Manufactured in 1998.

One (1) Extek model HSC60 screen changer having two nominal 6″ diameter breaker plates. Includes 2HP hydraulic power pack.

One (1) Xaloy model SPD-300 melt pump with 25HP drive system and controls.

One (1) EDI 44″ Ultraflex model UHRC-100, flexible lip sheet die having a 45-degree restrictor bar. Set up for five zones of temperature control. Also has deckling provision. Includes die support cart with casters. 230V operation. S/N 98-20339. Manufactured in 1998.

One (1) Davis Standard model UPSTACK46 cooling and polishing stand having three nominal 24″ diameter chrome plated rolls mounted in a vertical arrangement for up stack operation. Hydraulically actuated chrome rolls are each driven by a 3HP inverter duty motor with encoder through Sew Eurodrive 86.34:1 gearbox with a 0-1,750 RPM speed range. Includes pull roll stand with 46″ x 8″ diameter rolls with a 5HP drive system and 20-foot idler conveyor and three zone water temperature control system with heaters heat exchangers and 7.5HP pumps.