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PTI 4000 4″ 30:1 L/D EXTRUDER

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One (1) used 4″ 30:1 L/D ratio PTI model 4000 extruder having a five (5) zone electrically heated, water cooled (closed loop), vented, and plugged barrel at a 53″ center-line height. Flender model E2HA7 gearbox has a reduction ratio of 11.807:1 and is rated at 150 HP. The gearbox is direct driven out the back end by a 150 HP ABB motor with ABB inverter. Gearbox has an oil pump and heat exchanger. The extruder has a water-cooled feed throat with 4″ x 6″ on center entrance. The temperature control panel has five (5) zones for the barrel and fifteen( 15) zones of temperature controls for die zones. Inverter, temperature panel and 5 HP hydraulic power pack for the screen changer are mounted on the sane base as the extruder. Includes Xaloy model EH-45 hydraulic slide plate screen changer, S/N 740. Extruder S/N 4390/1069. Manufactured 2/2007. 460/3/60 input power