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Pelletizing line consisting of one 4.5″ 24:1 Davis Standard model 450H7214 extruder. Five (5) zone electrically heated or water cooled and side vented barrel at approximately a 42″ center-line. Heavy duty gearbox has a reduction ratio of 17.21:1 and is rated at 147HP at a service factor of 1.5. Gearbox is belt driven by a 300HP DC motor with SCR control. CV clamp on barrel discharge. Includes gravity feed hopper and free-standing control panel. S/N CE4265. Also includes one (1) used slide plate screen changer with two (2) nominal 4.5″ diameter breaker plates and a Berringer model WRP12 water ring pelletizing system with 2HP cutting head. 80 hole die tempered water system with heat exchanger sluice gate and a 5HP centrifugal spin dryer.