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    Available in 3- and 5- knife rotors, with high shear or steep angle rotors, the CT500 series encompasses the design elements for the widest variety of application needs. A side mount motor design permits drive motor to be right-hand or left-hand positioned and completely opens rear service area for maintenance and cleanout.

    • The CT500 Series includes 28, 36 and 48 inch wide models for a wide range of applications
    • Offset cutting chamber, 2 Twinshear? bed knives, top access: single edge, HCHC
    • Cutting chamber geometries are available for tangential, offset, and 3-bed knife orientations
    • Discharge is right-hand or left-hand regardless of motor placement
    • Innovative design creates enlarged screen area via segmented swing-down reversible screens which provides optimized accessibility, increased throughput and minimal clean out and maintenance access time
    • Rotational side walls limit friction and smearing and improve granulate quality. Outboard bearing mounting increases bearing protection to the highest level, and eases maintenance steps

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    The X Series also features low-heat granulation made possible through its unique rotor and cutting chamber design that prevents polymer
    "melt-down" and virtually eliminates "endplate smearing". This is accomplished by combining the
    Twinshear® rotor design with rotating end discs.


    • 3 blade open Twinshear® rotor with rotating end discs.
    • Conveyor feed, double wall sound absorbing hopper.
    • Bolted and dowelled cutting chamber.
    • Electro-mechanical screw jag hopper and screen cradle opening.
    • Easy access to both the rotor and screen areas, saving valuable time spent when changing colors or during routine maintenance

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