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    Welex 41″ wide sheet line consisting of:

    A) Welex model 3.5-30:1-LHSV 3.5″ 30:1 L/D extruder having an electrically heated water cooled (closed loop) barrel vented and plugged barrel at a 55″ centerline height. Lufkin change gear gearbox is direct driven in a tuck under manner by a 150HP Reliance DC motor with a Reliance SCR control. S/N 4746. Manufactured in May of 1988. Integral panel with controls. Includes two stage screw and spare screw.

    B) Berringer screen changer having two nominal 3.5″ diameter breaker plates. Includes hydraulic power pack.

    C) Welex / Maag model 56/56 melt pump with 20HP drive system. Includes co-ex block and static mixer.

    D) EDI 34″ model R-75 flexible lip sheet die having a 45 degree restrictor bar and removable lower lip. Includes die cart.

    E) 41″ Welex model 18×41-RHSL, S/N 4750, cooling and polishing stand with three 18″ (nominal) diameter chrome plated rolls mounted in a vertical arrangement for down stack operation. Air actuated chrome rolls are driven by an approximately 5HP DC motor through a gear reducer via silent chain and sprocket. Includes a stand-alone pump group with controls. Chain hoist for up and downstream movement on the sheet take-off. Used Welex 42″ wide x 6″ OD rubber / metal pull roll package driven by a 1HP motor. Includes two razor slitting blades for edge trim.

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    PTI 78″ wide sheet line manufactured in 2003, last used on a PET sheet. This line consists of the following:

    One (1) PTI model 6000 6″ 36:1 L/D extruder with an eight (8) zone electrically heated water cooled (closed loop) and vented barrel at a 64″ center-line height. Gearbox is a Flender model SZNF390 with a 15.4:1 reduction ratio rated for up to 986 HP. Gearbox is directly driven by 500 HP DC motor. Offered less SCR control. No screw included. Control panel has 25 zones of Eurotherm controllers. S/N 3767/10082. Manufactured in June, 2003.

    One (1) Dynisco model EH-60 screen changer with two nominal 6″ diameter breaker plates. Includes a 2HP hydraulic power pack.

    One (1) Maag model 90/90 melt pump with 30HP drive, system controls, and model 6000 static mixer.

    One (1) Cloeren 70″ auto-flex sheet die. 1″ x 4″ back center feed entrance. S/N 77831-2129. Manufactured April, 2003.

    One (1) PTI model 7824 down stack roll stand having three rolls mounted in a vertical arrangement consisting of 24″ diameter middle and bottom chrome plated rolls and a 16″ diameter chrome plated top roll. Hydraulically actuated gapping. Rolls are driven by a 10HP AC motor through gearboxes via silent chain and sprockets. Includes temperature control system built onto frame (missing one pump), idler conveyor, dip coating station, slitting station, and pull roll stand with 78″ x 8″ diameter rolls. S/N 3354R. 480V/3ph/60Hz operation at 175 amps.

    One (1) 78″ Parkinson turret winder having four winding positions. Each station is driven by a 5HP AC motor. Includes three winding shafts. Missing gearbox on turret.