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New Custom Interlocked Granulator/Blower Starter Panels

Blades Machinery Stocks 100, 75, & 50 HP “Across the LIne” Granulator Panels that include interlocked secondary starters from 5 HP to 20 HP to operate material evacuation blowers. Blades Machinery custom configured panels are designed keep the operator from running the granulator without first starting the blower and then to keep the blower running after the granulator is turned off. A user programmable timer is provided that can can be used to program the delay time for the blower shut down from 15 seconds to several minutes, ensuring that all ground material has been pulled out of the grinder before shutting off.

Blades Machinery stocks Inter-locked combination starters for immediate delivery. All starters include:

  • 120 Volt Control Power Transformer
  • Illuminated Start/Stop pushbutton controls
  • Short Circuit Protection
  • Manual Overload Protection
  • Rugged Design Type 4 1/2 Metallic Enclosure
  • User Programmable Blower Shut Off Timer
  • Reduced overall dimensions, yet providing reasonable internal wiring space
  • Rotary through-the-door disconnect instead of the traditional flange operator
  • UL/CSA approved performance in more compact components
  • Fast acceleration and high initial torque
  • Bimetallic Overload Relays – class 10
  • Adjustable trip current
  • Ambient temperature compensated
  • Phase-loss sensitivity protection
  • Electrically isolated NO-NC auxiliary contacts
  • Easy to install and setup