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Hydraulic Gaylord Bulk Box Dumpers offer one of the fastest methods of emptying bulk boxes. Rotation and gravity allowfor rapid introduction of product or material into a system

Standard Features:
•Bucket Rotation 135 deg.
•Motor 1.5 h.p.
•NEMA 12 Electrical Enclosure
•Hydraulic Cylinders w/ 24″ stroke, 2″ bore, 2″ rod
•Adjustable Retaining Bar 32″ to 48″
•Up Cycle Completion Limit Switch
•Down Cycle Flow Control Valve
•Cycle Time- 30 sec. Up, 15 sec. Down
•Greasable Sleeve Type Main Bearings
•Blue Epoxy Paint

Optional Features:
•Gaylord Entry Guides
•Velocity Fuse, (catches bucket in case of hydraulic rupture)
•Custom Size and Shape Buckets
•Dust Hood with Discharge Hatch
•Dust Containment Doors on Bucket
•Dumper Stands 12″ to 72″
•Floor Grate in Bucket
•Double Acting Hydraulics
•Explosion Proof Electrical
•Stainless Steel Chute Liner
•Stainless Steel Construction
•Custom Paints and Matching Colors

Model No. Description
31-2500 Dumper, Rear Load, 2500 lbs, Cap., 3 Phase, 48″ Wide Bucket
31-2550 Dumper, Rear Load, 2500 lbs. Cap., Single Phase, 48″ Wide Bucket
31-5200 Dumper, Rear Load, 2500 lbs. Cap., 3 Phase, 52″ Wide Bucket
31-5250 Dumper, Rear Load, 2500 lbs. Cap., Single Phase, 52″ Wide Bucket

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