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Our Diamond Line Wear Resistant Blowers are surface treated on the interior components to provide resistance to wear caused by abrasive materials. In applications involving these types of material, these blowers can easily last up to 400% longer than an ordinary, untreated blower. Sample applications include:

  • post consumer or post industrial materials (PET)
  • glass-filled materials
  • rubber
  • other abrasive materials

Putting a Diamond Line Blower in your system means you spend less time and money replacing worn-out parts. Not only are spare parts greatly reduced, but downtime associated with replacement of worn and fatigued parts is cut to a minimum.

All components that are subject to wear have been designed to accommodate easy replacement, including the housing, impeller, and outlet transition.
Diamond Line Blowers come with the following options:

  • available in both Direct Drive and V-Belt Drive models
  • easily adjusted to one of 16 discharge positions for versatility in placement
  • flow control valves or gates mounted on the inlet for control
  • flanged inlets or outlets
  • available in a variety of sizes to handle throughput rates from 50 – 10,000 lbs/hr
  • sound dampening package to reduce noise

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