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In-Line Multicutter

The Kongskilde Multicutter has been developed for continuous Inline cutting of waste edge trim from machines for film blowing, packaging, paper production and slitters. The Multicutter is mounted in the Kongskilde OK pipe system, conveying the waste away from the production machinery. The Multicutter consists of a fixed and a rotating set of blades driven by a direct-coupled motor. The blades are made from D2 tool steel and a variety of optional other grade metals with great resistance to wear and for an extended service life. Adjustment and resharpening of the blade sets is possible and is the only form of maintenance.

KG In-Line Granualtor

Kongskilde Inline Granulator KG has been developed specifically to granulate plastic film and, thereby, enable process waste to be reclaimed and reintroduced into the production process. The Inline cutter is fitted with a selection of re removable screens allowing for particle size desired. Typical applications are in connection with film blowing machines and extruders. When using the Inline Granulator, the risk of material contamination is reduced. The process waste is cut and conveyed in a closed pipe system, which keeps the dust level at a minimum.