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Polyvac Suction Blowers

Many conveying jobs in the plastic processing industry can be solved efficiently by using pneumatic conveying systems. By combining the Polyvac vacuum unit with the Kongskilde OK pipe system, efficient conveying systems can be tailor-made to meet most conveying demands from process to process or, to and from a storage facility. The Polyvac is ideally suited for granulator evacuation of regrind. With no material passing through the fan, less fines are generated also resulting in less maintenance. The Polyvac is also ideally suited for transferring of free flowing bulk materials.

SUC Series Suction Blowers

The electrically powered Kongskilde Suction Blowers offer one of the most versatile dilute phase conveying systems on the market for free-flowing types of products such as plastic pellets, grains, etc. Materials can be moved – horizontally and vertically – from various collecting points to different destinations, as required by the user. The SUC range is ideally suited for rail car unloading, filling silos, and bulk transferring systems. Conveying capacity may vary with type of material and operating conditions, please consult with Blades Machinery for detailed performance specifications.