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New W22 High Efficiency Granulator & Blower Motors


High performance with maximum energy efficiency is the goal of the new WEG electric motor. High efficiency and Low cost of Ownership throughout the entire motor lifetime have been the basis for the W22 development. A design created to maximize performance and energy savings.

New Cooling System

Redesigned to provide improved air flow through all motor frames keeping low operational temperatures and assuring reliability and extended lifetime. The aerodynamic design of the fan cover increases effective airflow, thus minimizing
losses due to the recirculation of air between fan and fan cover. The fan was designed to provide strength and reduced noise level. Motor terminal box and eyebolts were repositioned on larger frames to allow better airflow.
The new W22 cooling system also contributes to:

  • Cooler bearing temperature extending relubrication intervals.
  • Lower Noise Level fulfilling the most demanding Health & Safety regulations.
  • Lower Overall Operational Temperature resulting in longer life.

Terminal Box
  • Increased internal space making connections more accessible to the user resulting in an easier cable handling and connection.
  • Terminal box can be mounted on top, left or right site of the motor using the same frame on the 447T and larger motors. Top mounting is optional on smaller frames.

Exclusive Bearing Sealing System
  • extends motor lifetime when operating in aggressive environments by protecting the motor against water and dust guaranteeing proper degree of protection.


Motor feet are solid providing a more resistant structure against vibration. The frame design has points that can be used as provisions for vibration sensors as a standard feature.

Benefits from the new frame design:

  • Motor temperature reduction;
  • Eyebolts repositioned – easier handling in the application;
  • Provision for vibration sensors – frame and endshields with provisions 90° displaced according to maintenance technical recommendations. Easier and more reliable vibration analysis.
  • Solid feet – Enhanced reliability when operating on high vibration applications and also provide easier alignment on installation.

Standard Features
  • Efficiency Certification number CC029A according to US Department of Energy Regulations;
  • Three-phase, 2, 4, 6 and 8 pole, 60Hz;
  • Voltage: 208-230/460V;
  • No derating for 50Hz operation up to 250 HP. For 300 HP and up, please contact our sales office ;
  • Totally Enclosed Fan Cooled – TEFC (IP55) water tight and dust tight enclosure;
  • Squirrel cage rotor / Aluminum die cast;
  • WSeal® sealing on both endshields from frame 364T/5T up to 504/5T (586/7 frame fitted with Taconite Labyrinth as standard);
  • Ball bearings are supplied as standard;
  • 1040/45 heat treated and stress relieved carbon steel shaft (4140 for 404/5T upwards in 4, 6 and 8 pole motors);
  • Class “F” (DT 80K) insulation for all frames;
  • Continuous flow insulation system with class “H” wire;
  • Temperature rise limited to Class “B” (80K);
  • NEMA ratings design “B”;
  • Service Factor: 1.25 up to 100HP 1.15 from 125HP and up;
  • Continuous duty (S1);
  • 104ºF (40ºC) ambient temperature;
  • Altitude: 3300 ft (1000m;
  • NPT threaded terminal box;
  • Stainless steel nameplate AISI 316 with laser etching;
  • Paint: Synthetic enamel alkyd resin base (240 hours minimum ASTM B117 salt spray test);
  • Color: RAL 5009 – Blue ;
  • Fitted with closed rubber drain plug;
  • Regreasable bearings, With grease fittings in DE and NDE bearings;
  • Gasketed conduit box;
  • Class 1, Div 2 Groups B, C, D;
  • MGI Part 31 rating for use with VFD – 20:1 constant torque speed range up to 250HP and 12:1 above 250HP. Speed range with constant torque can be extended with optional Blower kit


1 1800 143T 00118ET3E143T-W22 208-230/460V Ball
2 1800 145T 00218ET3E145T-W22 208-230/460V Ball
2 3600 145T 00236ET3E145T-W22 208-230/460V Ball
3 1800 182T 00318ET3E182T-W22 208-230/460V Ball
3 3600 182T 00336ET3E182T-W22 208-230/460V Ball
5 1800 184T 00518ET3E184T-W22 208-230/460V Ball
5 3600 184T 00536ET3E184T-W22 208-230/460V Ball
7.5 1800 213T 00718ET3E213T-W22 208-230/460V Ball
7.5 3600 213T 00736ET3E213T-W22 208-230/460V Ball
10 1800 215T 01018ET3E215T-W22 208-230/460V Ball
10 3600 215T 01036ET3E215T-W22 208-230/460V Ball
15 1800 254T 01518ET3E254T-W22 208-230/460V Ball
15 3600 254T 01536ET3E254T-W22 208-230/460V Ball
20 1800 256T 02018ET3E256T-W22 208-230/460V Ball
20 3600 256T 02036ET3E256T-W22 208-230/460V Ball
25 1800 284T 02518ET3E284T-W22 208-230/460V Ball
25 3600 284TS 02536ET3E284TS-W22 208-230/460V Ball
30 1800 286T 03018ET3E286T-W22 208-230/460V Ball
40 1800 324T 04018ET3E286T-W22 208-230/460V Ball
50 1800 326T 05018ET3E326T-W22 208-230/460V Ball
60 1800 364/5T 06018ET3E364T-W22 208-230/460V Ball
75 1800 364/5T 07518ET3E364T-W22 208-230/460V Ball
100 1800 404/5T 10018ET3E405T-W22 208-230/460V Ball
125 1800 444/5T 12518ET3E444T-W22 208-230/460V Ball
150 1800 445T 15018ET3GRB445T-W22 208-230/460V Roller
150 1200 447T 15012ET3GRB447T-W22 208-230/460V Roller
200 1800 447T 20018ET3GRB447T-W22 208-230/460V Roller
200 1200 447T 20012ET3GRB447T-W22 208-230/460V Roller