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Screw Conveyors

Screw Conveyors are most effective when moving large amounts of material over short distances. We have developed a standard line of Tubular Screw Conveyors that range in capacity from 50 cu. ft. to 700 cu. ft. per hour. These Screw Conveyors are particularly good for moving dusty material because they can be completely sealed. The direct drive system is more compact and easier to maintain than other commonly used drives. We offer a complete line of screw conveying equipment including: discharge adapters, support stands, suspension brackets, level control switches, and control packages. We can also custom design screw conveyors to fit your particular material handling needs!

*Coreless Augers – Coreless Augers need no hanger bearing and can incorporate a 60″ radius elbow.

NOTE: Delivery rates on the chart below are approximations based on average materials under average conditions. Check with us before ordering to make sure the model you have selected will meet your requirements.

Model No Screw Dia Tube Dia RPM HP Max Length Incline Delivery/Hr
20-1000 2.7* 3.5″ 345 1.5 50′ 60 Degrees 50 Cubic Feet
20-2000 2.7* 3.5″ 345 1.5 50′ 45 Degrees 60 Cubic Feet
20-3000 3.8* 5″ 345 2 30′ 60 Degrees 100 Cubic Feet
20-4000 3.8* 5″ 345 2 30′ 45 Degrees 120 Cubic Feet
20-5000 4 5″ 232 2 30′ 60 Degrees 150 Cubic Feet
20-6000 4 5″ 232 2 30′ 45 Degrees 180 Cubic Feet
21-1000 6 7″ 232 3 30′ 60 Degrees 280 Cubic Feet
21-2000 6 7″ 232 3 30′ 45 Degrees 320 Cubic Feet
21-3000 9 10″ 173 5 30′ 60 Degrees 600 Cubic Feet
21-4000 9 10″ 173 5 30′ 45 Degrees 700 Cubic Feet

Granulator Unloaders

Granulator Unloaders are designed to replace the catch box on many brands of granulator. These units will deliver up to 2000 pounds per hour of ground plastic to a Gaylord
container or portable storage hopper. These durable, economical units relieve your operator from having to check the fullness of drawers and emptying them, saving
both down time from over packed drawer and your operators back.

Standard Features:
•Direct Gear Drive for low maintenance
•2.7” Flex Auger in 3.5” OD Tube
•45 deg. Hardened Elbow
•60” Discharge Height
•Custom Drawer to Fit Granulator
•Controls with Start-Stop Buttons
•NEMA 12 Electrical
•Casters, 2 rigid
•Blue Epoxy paint

Optional Features:
•Variable Speed Drive
•Explosion Proof Electrical
•Level Control Switch
•Stainless Steel Construction
•Custom Paints and Matching

Hopper Loaders

The Hopper Loader is designed to feed pellets, granules and free flowing powders into an overhead hopper or storage vessel. It can be used with bags or portable storage bins. It is often used to avoid climbing ladders with bags or buckets of material. The Hopper Loader is equipped with 2.7″ flex auger that will deliver up to 60 cu. ft. of material to an over head hopper. The unique part about this hopper loader is its easy clean feature. The machine can be broken down for wipe out cleaning in less than two minutes. Hopper Loaders are built to last with a heavy duty body, bear ings, and an adjustable teflon shaft seal to protect the belt drive.

Standard Features:
•Flip Over Hopper (for Easy Cleaning)
•4:1 Belt Drive
•5 cu.ft. Hopper Capacity
•Hopper Dimension 24″ x 26″ x 32″ high
•Quick Disconnect Auger (for easy cleaning)
•Compressible Teflon Seal
•Casters, 2 rigid (for Easy Mobility)
•14 ga. Hopper with 10ga. Base
•75 deg. Auger Slope
•Electrical Controls with On-Off Selector
•NEMA 12 Electrical Enclosure
•Blue Epoxy Paint

Optional Features:
•Bag Breaker Grate
•Continuous Hinged Cover
•Variable Speed Drive
•Level Control Switch
•Stainless Steel Construction
•Custom Paints and Matching Colors

Model No. Screw Dia Tube Dia RPM HP Max Length Incline Delivery/Hr
20-1600 2.7″ 3.5″ 438 .75 12′ 75 Degrees 60 Cubic Feet

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