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One (1) used 2.5” pelletizing line including the following:

A. One 2.5″ Hartig extruder with a 24:1 L/D four (4) zone electrically heated, air cooled, and non-vented barrel at approximately a 42″ center line height. Serial number BE-836. 3″ round feed entrance. Koellmann gearbox has a reduction ratio of 13.95:1 and is rated at 108 HP at a service factor of 1.0. Gearbox is belt driven by a 50 HP GE D/C motor with Safetronics model DC-6 SCR control. Free standing temperature control panel has seven (7) zones of Eurotherm 3208 digital controllers. Water cooled screw with rotary union. Manufactured 1/21/1993. Very clean. 460/3/60 input power.

B. Mounted on the discharge of the extruder is a six hole electrically heated strand die with downward orientation.

C. Nominal 6’ long Emery stainless steel water bath measuring 14” wide x 8” deep with strand guides. Includes 54” x 34” x 24” stainless reservoir, Alpha Laval plate and frame heat exchanger with ½ hp pump and 1 ½ hp Liberty pump  for the water bath.

D. Berlyn model HV-2 air stripper with nominal 10” slot opening, 2 HP blower, starter and disconnect. 460/3/60.

E. 6” Cumberland “Quietizer” pelletizer having a sixteen (16) knife rotor with removable blades. S/N 326050-B-92016. Factory sound suppression enclosed. Air actuated top rubber roll. Rotor and pull rolls are V-belt driven by a 7.5 HP inverter duty A/C motor with Yaskawa V1000 inverter with remote keypad. Manufactured in 1992. Exceptional condition.

All equipment is extremely clean and recently pulled from service. Great small line for reclaiming captive scrap.