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One (1) used 4.75″ Hitech continuous screen changer. S/N 101154. Unit operates in a fully automatic mode, requiring no operator attention. The force of the extruder head pressure is used to move the filter screen. Having no moving parts or mechanism, there is nothing to wear, no associated downtime for maintenance. The only element that moves in a HITECHT screen changer is the screen itself. There are no hot breaker plates or dirty screen packs to handle. Screens are furnished in 120′ (36 meter) long rolls that have an effective filtration area equivalent to many hundreds of individual screen packs and typically last several months in non-stop operation. The automatic movement of the filter screen is set to cycle at a rate which smoothly blends with the melt flow. In addition, the rate of screen advancement automatically adjusts to correspond to fluctuations in extruder head pressure resulting from clogged screen. In this way, perfectly uniform head pressures and melt temperatures are maintained throughout months of non-stop operation. Cold circulating water is used to form perfectly leak-proof polymer seals. As a result, these machines are not subject to the leakage problems normally associated with other types of screen changers. Screen changer manufactured 9-25-2014. Controls new in 2021. 230/1/60. Last used on a 4.5″” Gloucester extruder with c-clamp.